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Bros Welding Projects: New Leg and Bulk Weigher Installation

posted by Bros Welding    |   May 19, 2014 19:59

We are always excited to showcase our projects at Bros Welding & Services, Ltd. Here is a grain handling installation project that was completed in Fall 2013.

Bros Welding installed a new leg and bulk weigher for loading CN train cars at PulseLink Ltd., a lentil seed cleaning plant located in Zealandia, Saskatchewan. The unit was certified after the installation so lentils can now be shipped to companies outside of PulseLink Ltd.




The stairs and walkway in the photo below were designed and custom made by Bros Welding for the leg and bulkweigher project.

The grain handling installation project was started in mid-July 2013 and was finished in October 2013. As a result of the project, PulseLink Ltd. has the ability to load 8 to 9 train cars per day which is up from an average of 4 per day before the installation. 

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